Monday, July 17, 2006


G'day mates, we were going to do some tree planting on the weekend but it ended up being very wet and miserable and Vicki and I decided to stay home inside. There hasn't been much rain lately so it was appreciated. The weather on Hindmarsh Island is temperate and no snow but can get quite hot in summer, over 100degF (which is at the wrong time of the year for me - they have summer in December, January and February)

I stayed inside and looked at the water.

Wet day

While looking out the window I saw another bird that looked funny. It was going along the shoreline getting food out of the shallow water. It had a long, thin beak for poking in the sand and long legs for wading through the shallows. Vicki said it was an Australian White Ibis.

What bird is that?

There are so many strange birds here in Australia.

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