Thursday, July 27, 2006

Views of the world

G'day mates, do you know that Vicki gets postcards from around the world? She is part of the Postcrossing experience and she sends and receives postcards from all around the world. This week she got postcards from Finland, Israel, Russia, Austria and Germany.

The world through Postcards

And gee mates there are so many different birds in this area.

More birds

I saw a Great Egret, a Pied Cormorant and more seagulls sitting on the jetty. The Egret has a really long neck and sits with it in a crook shape.

And there are fishermen in Vicki's road who catch and sell fish. Yummy.

Fishing around

Some of these have funny names too. Coorong Mullet, Mulloway and Bream.

I got to stop at the highest point on Hindmarsh Island and look at the monument that has been erected to commemorate the sighting of the Murray River exit to the ocean.

Stanley at the monument

And I spied the Murray River in the distance as it finally finished its long journey through Australia and exited to the ocean.

I see the Murray Mouth

From its source in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, the Murray River flows 2,530 kilometres west then south to meet the Southern Ocean in South Australia.

The Murray is continuously navigable for 1986 kilometres from Goolwa to Yarrawonga Weir. In this length there are thirteen weirs incorporating locks. For the last couple of years there has been 2 dredges at the Murray Mouth dredging to keep it open to the ocean.

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