Thursday, July 27, 2006

A surprise goodbye

G'day mates, I have been with Vicki and Dave for 2 weeks now and I was expecting Vicki to put me in my envelope and post me back home to Trevor soon but Vicki had a surprise for me today.

She told me that instead she was sending me to a new home to visit Gaelyne who is her best friend. Gaelyne lives with her husband Rod at Maslin Beach, a suburb of Adelaide, which is the capital city of South Australia.

Vicki, Dave and I have had a bonza time while I have been here and I am sad to be going.

Vicki and Stanley say goodbye

The last morning I was with Vicki I watched the sunrise.

Stanley's last sunrise

I am excited to be visiting Gaelyne and I asked Vicki how long I would be staying with her.

Vicki had another surprise for me.

She told me that Gaelyne had just booked a flight to go and visit her children and sisters in the USA.

Gaelyne was going to take me home.

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