Friday, July 28, 2006

Stranded in Chicago

G'day mates, well the best laid plans of mice and men and airplanes. Gaelyne and I are stuck in Chicago. We were originally due in Atlanta late Thursday night. That didn't happen.

It seems Murphy's Law and Mother Nature have played havoc with the best plans, and now we wait for the new flight plans. There were severe storms in Chicago and they actually closed O'Haire Airport. The storms must have been really awful, because it is rare to close that airport. We were finally back on a plane, but it sat on the runway so long that it used up too much fuel and, even worse, the pilot reached his mandatory stop flying time. The airlines could not locate a different pilot to fly the plane, so the flight was cancelled.

We then stood in a line of about 2 thousand people for Customer Service to reschedule our flight. Then, they CLOSED the Customer Service. We are now finding food, a little rest, then back in line to get another flight.

We heard rumours that it may be SATURDAY before we can get a flight to Atlanta. All hotels near Chicago are full, so the airline is not putting us up anywhere. Let's hope we can get out on an early FRIDAY flight instead of the rumoured Saturday.....

More when we have any news.

We have been in the air for 20 hours and are very tired and hungry.

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