Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paddling around

G'day mates, did you know that Goolwa means 'elbow' and that is an Aboriginal word. Goolwa is on an 'elbow' of the Murray River. By 1853 paddle steamers were operating on the Murray and Goolwa was officially proclaimed a port (the first inland port in Australia) in 1857. These days the only paddle boats at Goolwa are tourist ones and tied up to the wharf is the Oscar W.

A paddleboat visit

Tied up next to the Oscar W at the wharf is the barge The Dart which is part of the interpretive display for the wharf area.

Barging along

Also at the wharf area is a ferry. It is no longer in use. The ferry used to be the only connection to Hindmarsh Island from the mainland and this was the only way Vicki could get home.

Ferry and more strange birds

And I saw some more strange birds while we were looking at the ferry. They are called Swamp Hens.

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