Sunday, July 16, 2006

Meeting the locals

G'day mate, Vicki is teaching me some Australian, I am so excited that I am learning another language.

I got to meet some local Australians today. We stopped in at the River Dolls of Goolwa museum and I hung out with the Australian's.

Stanley visits some Australians

They were a friendly group even if they included Feral Cheryl, some Swaggies and a group of Aborigines and Colonial soldiers. Australia was discovered by the British in 1770 and became a penal colony for Britain with the first convicts arriving in 1788.

After I said goodbye to my new Australian friends we went to the supermarket in Goolwa (the nearest town to Vicki's home and where Vicki works) to buy some groceries. I learnt another Aussie word. 'Snags'. It is on the specials advertising board on the supermarket wall but they spelt it wrong there. And what is Berri and Kleenex, Arnotts Creams and Spree? Gee these Aussies speak funny.

Stanley visits the Goolwa supermarket

When we had finished shopping we went to go home and Vicki's car wouldn't start so we sat and watched all the other people in the carpark.

Stanley waits in the Goolwa supermarket carpark

Vicki's car started shortly after and we went home.

It was wonderful to have Flat Stanley come and visit us at River Dolls. Enjoy your stay in Australia, Flat Stanley. Lyn
Stanley you were a real gentleman, you will be missed by all the lions and Chester the cat and Maggie. xxxxxx
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