Saturday, July 22, 2006

Into the Lions Den

G'day mates, I went on a visit the Honorable Maggie Harding. She lives in Goolwa. Maggie is the Consul for the independent state of Hutt River Province. Maggie has a consulate in her home and has visitors visit from all over the world. I learnt that Maggie can issue Hutt River Province passports as well. Maggie is also South Australia's first Lady Towncrier and she loves going out for special occasions.

But the best part of visiting Maggie was going into the Lions Den!

In the Lions Den

There were 900 of these scary beasts. And none of them ate me! Whew!!

Lions everywhere

Lions were not the only thing I had to watch out for at Maggie's. Her cat Chester was interested in me as well.

Another ferocious beast

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