Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Bridge view

G'day mates, these days Hindmarsh Island is joined to the mainland at Goolwa with a bridge, so Vicki is able to drive all the way home without stopping for a ferry. The ferry closure and bridge opening in 2001 was a big tourist attraction. The building of the bridge was very controversial and was a saga in Australian politics, there were several Royal Commissions and became known as 'Secret Womens business'

Hindmarsh Island bridge

The bridge is quite steep and high, this is to allow boats with tall masts to still be able to go under it. The bridge also has 2 curves, one up and the other to the right, this was so the ferry could still keep operating during its construction. The ferry was hauled across on fixed cables between Hindmarsh Island and Goolwa.

Hindmarsh Island viewed from bridge

I am so excited Vicki let me take the pictures from the bridge. I think I took good photos and I wasn't scared at all with it being so high and windy.

Goolwa viewed from bridge

I had a bird's eye view of Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island from the top of the bridge.

Goolwa viewed from bridge

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